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I could not get into Black Friday this year. At all. For years, I have been going Black Friday shopping, and every year, especially the past few, I find myself wondering why. The past couple years, the good sales were starting at midnight. That was doable for me, but I wasn’t crazy about it. Last year, I found myself standing in the Target line at 11:00pm, trying to nab a camera that went on sale at midnight. I was one of the lucky ones; by the time I got to the display, there were only two left. I quickly nabbed it and headed for the register (which took another hour). I went to a few other stores….Old Navy, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Sears…and finally to Walmart at 6 am…where I found it dead and all the sales pretty much over.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, the sales this year started at 8pm. For us, this means that my husband, who works in retail management, had to be at work at 6pm. Totally interfering with my Turkey Day! We normally get together with my family around 5pm for dinner. I had to schedule it for 2pm, so that my husband would be able to have dinner with us. Several family members were still at my house, having a great time when he had to leave. Up until that point, I was going to head out sometime that night to nab a 50′ TV on sale at Kmart. After seeing my husband reluctantly head off to the madhouse for the next nine hours, knowing he wouldn’t get off until at least 3am, and also knowing he had to be back in to work at 11am (this gave him about 4-5 hours of sleep since it takes him nearly and hour to get to/from work) and work until 8pm….I decided to forget going out to shop. It’s getting beyond ridiculous! This madness is slowly taking over Thanksgiving for my family. Anyone who works in retail, especially management, has no choice but to work…unless they work in one of the few stores that are still closed on Thanksgiving. Gone are the days when going Black Friday shopping starts at 4 or 5am! All the good stuff is gone by then these days! So, I guess you could say I protested by staying home (fat lot of good that does, but it made ME feel good!). If it comes down to it…what’s more important? Spending time with your family in celebration of Thanksgiving? Or Black Friday Madness?

If it were up to me…I’d choose family…Thanksgiving, every time.

That’s my little rant for the week, but I am thankful for so many things. I’m thankful I got to spend time with my family. I’m thankful my husband didn’t have to work all day on Thanksgiving. I’m thankful we got to see my step-kids for about 30 minutes before their mother was on the phone demanding they get back home (even though they had already had dinner with her). I’m thankful my ex and I were able to work out Thanksgiving with my son without having a piece of paper telling us how to do it and that when it comes to visitation, neither one of us is selfish (don’t get me wrong, we do have a piece of paper, we just deviate a lot when it comes to special occasions and Holidays… I make sure he gets equal Holiday time with our son, even when I don’t have to). I’m thankful my husband can make an awesome ham and that I’m a pretty darn good cook myself (I made my first pies ever this year and they turned out fabulous! Thank you, Pinterest!). I’m thankful for my children. I’m thankful that the Lord sent me a wonderful man, whom became my best friend and husband, to spend my life with. I’m thankful for my Church. I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for so much more than I could ever post.

I hope all of my American readers and blogger friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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11 Comments on "Black Friday Tries To Ruin Turkey Day"

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I am not a die hard black Friday shopper. I like my sleep and I understand some people really like it. Not me.

We don’t over indulge our kids with tons of toys.

I shop online or try to visit small businesses and help them. I also try to shop for birthdays during the sales to help stretch our budget for the year.

The Detox Diva

I loathe Black Friday! I can’t stand the insanity of it all… I like people but do not like grouchy people and almost everyone is grouchy! If I can’t find it online or any other time of the year it just doesn’t get bought.


You are so right! I am not American but I celebrate Thanksgiving. I think it´s wonderful to be with your family, to get together and to give thanks. I even made my first turkey this year! (Other years my mom helped me)Let´s hope that the shopping madness subsides… or not… still, it´s great that your husband has a job and that you got to get together (even if it was for a little while)


Forget Black Friday and look forward to Giving Tuesday! This may be the only holiday fad that I pay attention to. If you are not aware of what Giving Tuesday is, it is on Nov 27 and is all about keeping the holiday real by giving back.

Rebel Sweetheart

Family always comes first. 🙂
And since I’m not living in the US, I’m all for Cyber Monday shopping instead. 🙂

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