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Hi! My name is April, and I am the wife to a wonderfully hilarious guy, and a mom to five great kids, three of whom are my step-children. I am blessed to be able to work from home as a Freelancer and Blogger. Thanks for visiting!

How to get rid of cable and still watch your favorite shows

We took a big step a few days ago and cut the cable cord. It’s something we have been discussing for a few months and finally went through with it when our cable bill took another hike from $202 per month to $222 per month. A year and half ago, we were paying $115 a month. Comcast likes to sucker you in by offering lower prices for Triple Play. But those low prices are only good for a year.

Not even a year into our Triple Play package of $115 a month, they started removing channels from our lineup. Some of these channels are offered for free on broadcast. It really made no sense. Then, they started jacking our bill up a little bit at a time. Next came the changes with the internet. Higher prices, slower internet service (I guess they wanted us to upgrade from economy to the faster speed and I was told by a customer service representative that it would be $115 for the internet alone. No thank you!).

I just got so tired of paying an arm and a leg for services we found fault with, or for channels we never even watched. By cutting the cable cord, we managed to go from paying $222 a month to $77 a month (that includes the $8 fee for the internet modem and a land line with voice mail). And we can still watch our favorite shows and movies.


With our subscription to Netflix ($8.99 per month, which we already had, so it’s not a new bill) and our new subscription to Hulu Plus ($7.99 per month). Those two services allow for direct streaming from the internet to our TVs, laptops, tablets, etc. If your shows aren’t listed with those services (or, as in the case with Netflix, you want to watch the current season of a show rather than be a season behind), you can also watch those shows on the channel that airs it online. For example, if you are a big fan of The Walking Dead, then you will have to go to the AMC website to watch it. The biggest drawbacks to these services is that, for Hulu, you have to wait the day after a show originally airs to watch, and you have a limited amount of time to watch that show before it is deleted (it is different time lengths for different shows). For example, the Vampire Diaries episode one aired on October 2nd and doesn’t expire until November 7th. Plenty of time to watch, but still frustrating when you have missed a season and want to go back and watch it.

Unfortunately, at the present time, you can not watch HBO or other premium channel shows like this because they are directly tied in with cable and satellite companies. You have to use your cable log in to watch and you must have a subscription to that channel through cable. I’m hoping this will change soon, because I love me some Game Of Thrones. But, I’m not willing to spend $222 to watch that one show. I’ll have to figure out another way to watch it.

We also have converter boxes to watch local broadcast channels. For two of our TVs, we don’t need them since they are newer TVs (one being a Smart Television). All that we have left to do now is buy a decent antennae to get the maximum number of free channels we can for our area.  If you have an older TV with an analog only tuner, then you will need to buy digital converter boxes in order to watch the free broadcast channels or buy a newer television. Newer TVs have a built in tuner. I’m also thinking about investing in a Roku box, but that’s not really necessary since we have a Smart TV and a PS3.

We are saving around $137 a month, after Hulu fees by cutting out cable. I’m loving that number! Getting rid of cable will probably turn out to be one of the best decisions we have made in a very long time.


It’s not a big secret that I regularly check my thirteen year old daughter’s social media accounts. Most of the time, there are no issues. But then there are times when I either get really upset….or really happy. Happy because it’s a real hoot to see the conversations she has with friends and family! The girl just says (and posts) whatever enters her mind and her mind is full of crazy stuff that when she says it or posts it? Has you rolling with laughter! Most of the time.



The last two are from last year. I totally forgot to post them. Better late than never though, right?


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