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Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men aged 15-35, though it can strike at any age. But you never hear much about it. When my stepson was diagnosed over a year ago, none of us knew much about it, other than it existed. No one knew to do a monthly self check. We didn’t know to teach our sons to check themselves. We all know that women are taught early on to do a monthly self check for breast cancer. But men? Never heard of that. So, for my Wordless (er…Wordy) Wednesday, I wanted to share a few graphics to help spread the awareness for Testicular Cancer. Please share on Facebook, tweet about it and pin it. This could happen to your son too. Teenagers and young men are dying of this horrible disease because they waited too late to get checked. Please, for your son…your brother…your husband. Let’s spread TC awareness!

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12 Comments on "April Is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month – WW"

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A good cause, they were just discussing bowel cancer on TV here about half hour ago, it’s important to be aware.

Have a good week ahead

Robin (Masshole Mommy)

Cancer sucks and it’s always a good thing to be aware and get checked!


Thanks for spreading the awareness.

Jay @CraftySpices

Very nice to spread awareness. It’s good to learn preventive care.
Have a great day!

Alissa Apel

I just found out one of our old family friends has this. He’s pretty young, and his mom just lost her job. 🙁

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