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Last night was our bi-weekly shopping expedition and I almost always drag my husband and daughter out with me (they keep me entertained!). First, we went to a steak house. You know…because I will be starting my diet on Monday, which means that I am going to spend the next few days eating GOOD (fattening) food. I’ll be making my favorite foods the next few days because the first 17 days of this diet…I cut out almost all sugar, all pasta, all red meat, etc. So…yeah I’m going to enjoy the next few days.

During dinner, I informed my husband of all the stores I will have to go to the following day. It was not a short list (sorry, I still have items from Christmas I have to return). After I recited the list of stores and errands I had to run the next day, he looked at me…looked at his fork….looked back at me…and said, “It ain’t nothing for me to stab you with this fork”. Awww, sweetie…I love you too!

After dinner, we went Krogering (anyone remember that commercial from, like, the 80s? “Let’s go Krogering!). Anyway, I was almost done when my daughter started doing some kind of weird shuffling, James Brownish kind of dance…and my husband joined her. He stopped dancing when he saw me grab my phone (he’s getting smarter), but…check out the video (if you pay attention, you can see people coming up behind her towards the end). She is just funny!

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Ha ha ha ha!:)

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