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“Honey, have you seen the speakers to the computer?”, my husband asked.

“No, I’m sorry, I haven’t.”

“Well, you know what? I’m gonna forgive someone for taking them. Maybe now they will show back up!”

****The Next Day****

“Honey, I found the speakers to the computer. I knew that if I went ahead and forgave whoever took them, they would show back up.”

“So…where were they?”, I asked.

“Well, I found them in the bathroom. I noticed them in the tub when I got in the shower. Yeah, they don’t work anymore. That’s alright, that’s OK, I didn’t need those speakers anyway! I have still forgiven Christian, er….whoever took and put them in the bathtub.”

Isn’t forgiveness a wonderful thing? Our kids should thank God we love them as much as we do.


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8 Comments on "A True Story Of Forgiveness"

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My son just ran his 4×4 truck (which he isn’t allowed to ride in the house but did because I was sick) and broke the iPod holder on my stereo. It’s okay… I didn’t need to hear any of the 12k songs that it took me forever to download no my iPod anyway. 😉 They’re lucky they’re so cute and we love ’em so much, eh? 🙂


I’m glad the kids forgive us, too, like the time I drove away with a baby doll on top of my car, and ran over her binky. Kind of evened things out for the day they sprayed silly string on my car – on a 95-degree summer day.

Yeah, forgiveness kind of rocks.

Dig the blog. I’m definitely following.

Emiliana Martin

Oh I love this. I’ll have to remember this with my kids … and other adults. My parents ruled the nest with fear. I chose to rule the nest with love. This is a perfect example of love and grace.


lol!! That type of thing happens ALL of the time in our house. Great post!

christine | The Plumed Nest

I must agree with Eli, I think children are the best teachers at what it means to be forgiving! Sometimes I get that ornery streak and want to “be a little mad” when I should really let it go and I look to my kids and see how easily they forgive me and others around them, and it’s a really good reminder to have a pure heart.

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