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My older brother has had alot of problems over the years…but one thing he is NOT…is boring. The other day, we were at mom’s shooting the breeze…and we wound up talking about some of the cool 80s movies we haven’t seen in a while. One of those happened to be Revenge Of The Nerds. My brother can do a mean Ogre impersonation…though when we were kids, he reminded me more of booger. He very rarely lets me film him, so he must have been in a really great mood to let my husband and I catch his Ogre impersonation on camera (and of course, Ms. I-have-to-have-all-the-attention-on-me joined in with him….she had no idea what we were talking about, but that didn’t stop her).

Another favorite of ours were the Police Academy movies….maybe I can get him to do his Bobcat Goldthwait impersonation one day. While he was all the time going around asking where to put the batteries when we were kids, I was dressing up and acting out Grease and Dirty Dancing (seriously, I had both of the entire movies memorized). I probably drove my family nuts dancing around the house, pretending to be Baby and “flying” on the arm of the couch (give me a break, I didn’t have a hunky partner to throw me in the air, so I improvised)…or standing on my chair stage, serenading my audience about my hopeless devotion to Danny Zuko. *sigh* Those were the days….


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Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife

Grease and Dirty Dancing – My all time favourite movies 🙂 “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”… *swoon* Love the 80’s! xx

Kelly @ HT and T

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I love a little 80s nostalgia and was also hopelessly devoted to Grease and Dirty Dancing. I carried a watermelon… 😉

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

Now tht must have been en interesting visit with your brother! It looks like they had a hilarious time!

I made the mistake of renting “footloose” one night (the old one, not the new one). Why do I remember it begin soooo much better back when it first came out?

Pepper Tan

I think I saw Revenge of the Nerds twice :). I love the 80s! I guess it was because I was that age when I was carefree and living in the moment. Grease was my favorite too. How about the Ghostbusters? I loved that too. Happy times… 🙂


“I got chiiiiiiiiils, they’re multiplying…”

hah! I took my daughter to see the Katy Perry movie and this whole entire song/video played in the preview section. The theater was full of people (the parents) singing. All my daughter could do was roll her eyes…he he he. It’s a song she’s heard her whole life, you know. ;o)

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