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My daughter left me with a lovely picture last night on my tablet and just had to share for this week’s Wordless Wednesday post:

Bizarre fan Broncos Seahawks rivalry in our house on Superbowl Sunday!


I have two brain aneurysms that are on my main artery close to my optic nerve that I will be having treated soon. I thought I would share an info graphic about brain aneurysms for this Wordless Wednesday (click to enlarge). Most people do not know anything about aneurysms -they are more common than you would think. Left untreated an aneurysm can quickly lead to death if it ruptures.

It was late at night, we were driving home and all of a sudden, from the back seat, we hear a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. But this one was….awful. Awfully funny! There are just no other words for it. See for yourselves (hear rather…it was late so you can’t really see anything):

These are the two you heard in the back…the singer and his younger sister commenting on the performance.  They really do love each other!

Be careful when you sing with your headphones on, folks! You don’t sound as good as you think you do, and you never know when someone is just around the corner with the camera ;)

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