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Monthly Archives: October 2014

My daughter got stuck in the bathroom.

There I was, just typing away, zoning out at the computer. I didn’t hear my phone go off with a text message, even though it was sitting next to me.  I didn’t hear Faith yelling for me…I’m not even sure she did, but if she did, I didn’t hear it.  Finally…I pause in my typing and ding! I hear my phone go off.




She said she just kept staring at the mirror wondering if she was going to be in there all day. Wondering how long it would take for her mom to have to go tinkle. Six loooooooong minutes passed from the time she got stuck until I went to free her (and she wasn’t kidding…the door was stuck! Took me a good minute or two to get it open). The longest six minutes of her life, she said.

That girl is too funny!

Later that evening, her dad was going to take her to the high school football game so she could hang out with her friends. This is how he went:


Turtle Power with some Jesus and a funny (mouthy) red headed teenager. We love embarrassing our kids. In fact, sometimes we go out of our way to embarrass them. Pay backs for all the years they embarrassed us.

He picked her friend up wearing this mask. “Oh my gosh, Dad.” was Faith’s response when he wouldn’t take it off before her friend got into the car.

But he did wind up taking it off before getting out of the car at the ball game. Too bad. I bet he would have had some funny stories to tell about people’s reactions to the mask if he had kept it on!

Sometimes this backfires on us. Sometimes, they still embarrass us before we get a chance to embarrass them. They both will bust out in random song and dance in the middle of the grocery store. Then there was that one time when Faith went and started bagging random strange people’s groceries for them, acting like she worked at the store.

It’s almost like a game to us now. Which one can embarrass the other the worst.

I love my family.

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