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Monthly Archives: June 2014

If anyone is able to bring my husband out of his sadness and depression, it is our youngest daughter. Since losing our oldest son a little over six weeks ago, moments of silliness and laughter have been few and far between for our family.  But we try if only for her sake.  She’s so beautiful, vibrant and full of life…and just so darn funny, it’s hard to resist her.

On a recent thrift shopping trip (you know how I love to go with both of them), she was able to drag her daddy into a few moments of silliness. And I could not resist taking a video and snapping a few pictures of them.

moment of silliness1

moment of silliness2




moment of silliness3










I’m hopeful we will have more and more of these moments in the future as we heal and come to terms with our loss. Laughter is healing, and I know Tyler wouldn’t want us to be sad and depressed all the time. He more than anyone loved to laugh. <3


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