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Monthly Archives: January 2014

I have two brain aneurysms that are on my main artery close to my optic nerve that I will be having treated soon. I thought I would share an info graphic about brain aneurysms for this Wordless Wednesday (click to enlarge). Most people do not know anything about aneurysms -they are more common than you would think. Left untreated an aneurysm can quickly lead to death if it ruptures.

It was late at night, we were driving home and all of a sudden, from the back seat, we hear a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. But this one was….awful. Awfully funny! There are just no other words for it. See for yourselves (hear rather…it was late so you can’t really see anything):

These are the two you heard in the back…the singer and his younger sister commenting on the performance.  They really do love each other!

Be careful when you sing with your headphones on, folks! You don’t sound as good as you think you do, and you never know when someone is just around the corner with the camera 😉

Those we hold most dear
Never truly leave us…
They live on in the kindness they showed,
The comfort they shared
And the love they brought into our lives.
Author ~ Isabel Norton 

Cancer took another loved one from me last week. This time it was my Aunt Vicky. She was very much like a second mother to me. From the time of diagnosis to her death only four months had passed. Another rare form of cancer (I hate the word rare now). It happened so fast. Most of these past four months she spent in the hospital. Please, keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, especially her husband, children, grandchildren and siblings. My mother has lost three siblings now in the past 13 months alone. Thank you so much.


We all want to have brighter teeth right? Especially when out pops the camera! For years now, I have not liked to have my picture taken and one of the reasons is because of my teeth. One of the lingering effects of smoking is yellow teeth. I am a former smoker. I smoked for about ten years and quit cold turkey four years ago. While I am not proud that I was a smoker, I am very proud that I am no longer one.

I don’t like my yellow teeth, and I can’t afford the high prices of professional teeth whitening at a Dentist office. Recently I was approached by Smile Brilliant to review their LED Teeth Whitening system and I literally jumped at the opportunity!

I received my product in the mail within about a week.

The kit contained the following items:

  • High Intensity LED Accelerator Light:Accelerates the teeth whitening process
  • Teeth Whitening Gel PenConvenient, 4ml whitening pen (brush-on applicator) with 22% professional stength whitening gel
  • Lip & Cheek ProtectorUpper and lower protective tray ( prevents gel mess)
  • Detailed Instructional BrochureGuide to using your LED teeth whitening kit effectively
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

What the kit does:

The LED teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant is perfect for those who want great tooth whitening results but are on a budget. Our LED system is competitively priced when compared to popular whitening strips sold at your local grocer. However, it is far more effective due to its 22% carbamide peroxide tooth whitening gel and high strength LED light which accelerate the whitening process. With hundreds of reviews available on the internet and thousands of satisfied customers, our LED teeth whitening system is a superior alternative to over-the-counter whitening products.

This LED teeth whitening package comes complete with our 4ml, 22% carbamide peroxide, teeth whitening gel pen. This compact and easy to use whitening pen releases the whitening gel into a smooth brush tip applicator. Simply crank the bottom of the pen to release an even amount of gel into the brush. Brush on, put in your cheek protector, turn on the light, and you are ready to go. See results in as little as 20 minutes a day!

It was really very simple. You twist the bottom of the pen (about 30 or so times before the gel releases), then paint your teeth with the gel, which didn’t leave a nasty after taste in my mouth (I imagined something that would make you gag or burned your tongue), put in the mouth guard, then turn on the LED light and insert in your mouth and keep it in for about 20-45 minutes. I could never go longer then 28 minutes because my mouth got tired and the drooling…plus everyone seemed to want to talk to me or make me laugh when I had it in (BIZARRE family). I noticed a difference in the color of my teeth after each application. That’s the amazing thing to me!

You should not use teeth whitening on untreated cavities, and you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing prior to using any teeth whitening product.

This system is worth the $39.95 it retails for. Smile Brilliant also has custom fitted teeth whitening trays which use the same gel as that in the LED system, however the trays are specific to your teeth, and is available on their website for $89.95.

You guys in luck! Enter to win a Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Kit! Giveaway is open to residents in the US, UK and Canada. Giveaway beings on 1/17/14 and ends  on 1/31/14.  Winner will be contacted by email. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review

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