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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I’ve discovered a few things about myself recently. One of them is that I do not like to see clothes hanging all over my house, like this…

(yes, that IS the treadmill my mom loaned me when I told her I wouldn’t hang clothes off of it like she did) and I do not like my clothes, towels in particular, to be so stiff that it feels like sandpaper. I do not like socks on my bar stools.

and I especially do not like to see dirty clothes piled up and overflowing like this

But, this is what happens when a major appliance, such as a dryer, kicks the bucket…and it couldn’t have happened at the most inconvenient time (not that any time would be convenient). This has only happened to me one other time in the past ten years, and my husband was able to fix it in no time at all. This time…the dryer is not fixable…it’s just dead. Have you ever seen anything like this?

The dryer drum is off the bearing ring and the drum itself has cut into the front panel. It’s put several huge gashes in it, so the clothes were getting hung up causing rips and tears. There are actual pieces of the dryer falling out into the drum when it’s running. Then the little fact that it’s not even getting the clothes dry…yep, it’s dead. Anyone ever had this happen?

I actually thought about going to buy clothesline and run it in the back yard until I could come up with the money for another dryer, but then a friend told me not to worry about it, that I should expect a call to set up a delivery for a new dryer in the next few days. This person (who wants to remain anonymous) said that we had enough worries at the moment and if he can relieve just one of them so that we can focus on the more important things…he was more than happy to.  There are just no words, ya know? None.  He is such a blessing to my family, and I hope pray that we can be as much a blessing to him or to someone else in need one day.  God has an amazing way of showing up just when you need Him, and through the most unexpected people. I mean, this friend is not local at all, but lives several states away. Sure enough…I got a call from Sears about my new Kenmore a few days ago.

So, the final thing I learned about myself recently, is that I can still be surprised (alright, shocked into silence…right before I broke down in tears) by the kindness, love and generosity of people. Even in troubled times, there are still blessings to be found.  As a friend at church told me the other day…It’s a “God Thing”.

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My son has a love for rap music. I don’t like most of the rap out these days; I think most of it is vulgar and not suitable for MY ears, let alone my kids. But, I do get a kick out of listening to my son “rap”, especially when he doesn’t know I’m watching, like in this video. I also love to watch him dancing! He’s actually not that bad of a dancer….but some of the dance crazes are just silly!


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