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Monthly Archives: December 2012

I married a genius. No, seriously…I did!

One of the more popular Christmas decor pins that I’ve seen pinned and repined on Pinterest, is the Stocking Rods, which you can view HERE (picture below). It is two stocking holders suspending one curtain rod to hold multiple stockings. How awesome is that?!


Isn’t that just beautiful? I thought it was a wonderful idea…genius, even! Why haven’t I ever thought of that? Ya know? So, with Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try this out myself. This will be the first year we’ve ever had a fireplace and what better way to display our stockings than with this awesome Pinterest find? I went to Walmart and found two stocking holders, brought them home, and tried it out.

Um. Epic fail! Not only were the holders not heavy enough (which the lady at South House Designs warns us about), but the hook part was set too close to the mantle. I managed to hang the curtain rod on there, but unless I was holding the stocking holders in place, they would fall onto the floor.

But, as I said, I’m married to a genius. A few days later, he brought home two wreath hangers ($1.50 at Walmart, but you can find them at the Dollar Tree too, if they haven’t sold out) and proceeded to shape them in such a way as to hook one end in between the mantle and wall, and the other end he curled into a “holder” for the curtain rod. He said if the stocking holders had been a bit heavier and set further back against the wall, it would have held the curtain rod just fine (he mentioned this before, but we couldn’t find any stocking holders that would work, and we went to several different stores).

It wasn’t as pretty as the Pinterest Stocking Rods, so I had a little work to do, using the little things I could find laying around the house. This is what I came up with:



Now, I may head out to the store in a few days to buy a few things to make it even prettier…but this will do for now! Faith also insisted that I mention she wants a new stocking this year. She has out-grown Hannah Montana (so have I). And….that’s not the only one I have to buy….looks like we have a missing stocking (there are seven of us!). I’m thinking new stockings all around!

Have you found a really cool Pinterest idea that you have used successfully? Have you tried out something you found on Pinterest only to be disappointed? Please share your Pinterest stories!

My daughter believes in “the leash”.

At Food City the other day, we witnessed three rowdy young kids giving mom and dad a hard time in the parking lot (and that’s being kind).  The youngest boy, who was probably around two years old, took off across the parking lot and almost got hit by a car. While the mom and dad just stood there watching, their tween girl ran to grab him. I’m all like, “Oh my God!”, Rick is standing with his mouth agape, and Faith yells out, “PUT A LEASH ON THAT KID!”

What makes this really funny (her reaction, not that the toddler almost got ran over), is that Faith had told me earlier that day, after seeing a dad with a leashed kid, that she thought leashing a kid was mean. I informed her that she may change her mind when she had a kid or two that was just like her (yes, I did place that curse on her, just as my mom did me). Then this happens! I have to agree…leash the kid! I am proud to say that I put a leash on both my kids when they were little and they are still alive and well, and…they don’t remember being leashed.

Once I saw the child was safe…I couldn’t help but laugh at Faith and her unfiltered mouth! Yes, that is my child.

What do you think? Did/do you put a leash on your toddler? Do you view leashing a child as just another safety measure or do you feel it is wrong?


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