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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Another weird text conversation with my hubby:

A small update: Things should be back to normal, blog-wise, in two weeks! It turns out Comcast is not available in my area, but as of three days ago, At&t Uverse is (which is what I had before I moved and I LOVED it). You never really know how much you depend on the internet or use it until you no longer have it.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

It’s been almost two weeks since I first contacted Comcast to get service installed at my new home. I was informed yesterday that I finally have an account number. Now, I’m just waiting on the powers that be at Comcast to call me back with an appointment date to install the wiring in our home. They said it could take up to 72 before I even get a call back for that….which I think is RIDICULOUS! Anyway, God willing, we should have internet and cable service installed within the next week (I’m hoping by the weekend). If not, I will have some pretty awful things to say about a certain company. In the meantime, I have our handy cellphones (what would we do without those, I don’t know). I hope everyone is having a better week than I am!

I know I said I would be back by Monday, the 9th, but I did not realize at the time of writing that post that I was actually moving to the boonies. Seriously, we are in the sticks! I mean, I knew we were going to the boonies, but I didn’t know that we were moving to a new residence…new, as in, we are the first people to EVER live there, and it’s taking forever and a day for Comcast to get out there to establish service. It’s driving me batty. Not only do I miss blogging and the friends I have made on here, but I also work part-time from home using the internet….so I’m also not making any money.  As I’m writing this, I am at my mother’s house using her internet. I hope that I will be online by early next week!

So, until then….

Wait…I must leave you with a funny. My husband got pooped on by a bird at work yesterday during their cookout! Right on top of his bald head! He said that, by the look of things, the bird must have had mustard on his hamburger! I laughed my booty off! I told my mom, and after she laughed her ear off, she came up with this:

“Birdy birdy in the sky, why did you do that in my eye? Gee, I’m glad cows can’t fly!” I bet my husband is glad cows can’t fly…


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