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Monthly Archives: August 2012

WARNING! This post may  not be appropriate for small children if they believe in certain fairies!

My daughter, Faith,  lost a tooth on Monday, and she informed me she was putting it under her pillow that night. I’m such a terrible Mommy! I totally forgot about it until…Wednesday evening. She comes up to me and says, “Mom, I forgot to look, but did the tooth fairy come the other night?”.

I was caught. I knew she had just checked under her pillow and probably all around her bed in search of money…money that should have been there two nights ago (she would have caught my goof sooner if she had not been distracted by school starting). I guess it was time. You know what I mean….time for her to know the truth, which she had only been guessing at for the last two years.

“Oops. I guess she forgot.”

“I KNEW it!! I knew she wasn’t real!”, she replied.

“What? I don’t look like a fairy to you? Does this mean I can stop giving you money?”, I asked.

“No! For as long as I still have teeth falling out, you will still have to give me money!”, she says with a giggle.

Fair enough.


This is the last weekend of summer before school starts, and let me tell you, this has been the most stressful summer EVER!! Not only did I worry about my husband’s health problems….but my tween daughter is DEVELOPING! Just kill me now.

She has started wearing bras. Yeah. And I started letting her wear “real” makeup (just a little, but jeez), and just this week…after some (a lot) of harassment, I let her purchase her first razor to shave her legs.

“Mom, I look like a hairy wolf!”, “Mom, I feel like a hairy monkey!”, “Mom, all my friends are shaving and they will make fun of me for having hairy legs!”. Yeah, I got all that (and I remember bugging my mom in much the same way when I was her age). I decided to really look at her earlier this week and….I’ll be darned if she wasn’t right…her legs were looking a little hairy “like a wolf”. After she shaved for the first time (after 5 exhausting minutes of me showing her how it’s done), she then told me that she was happy…and that she felt smooth, like a “hairless cat” (seems to me a hairless cat would be kind of stubbly, but I digress).

If that wasn’t stressful enough, I then took her shopping for school clothes and discovered that she is now in WOMEN sized shoes and Junior clothes!!! WHAT?!?! When did this happen? And when she was trying on clothes, I noticed she was getting CURVES. I want the slobbery toothless years back!!!

And lest I forget…BOYS are calling the house! I mean…several of them. “Mom, when can I date?” Um…NEVER! When you’re 30! Well, that’s what I wanted to say anyway. I guess we will be having that talk soon.

Hair being shaved, boobs popping out, make up being worn, boys calling the house, and  oh…there is dad on the couch talking about well placed buckshot….welcome to Middle School and the teen years! I’m not sure I’m ready for this….

Last Thursday, August 2nd, was my husband and I’s 12th wedding Anniversary! We’ve had some hard years, but we are stronger for it…and I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did the day I said “I Do”.  This year has also been one of the more worrisome. He’s been having medical problems….problems we are still trying to figure out. We were informed on Thursday that he more than likely suffered a stroke or four back in April and May (nice anniversary present, right?).  Most people would go to the emergency room after suffering the first one (I mean…hello, he woke up and the left side of his face was sagging, not to mention the severe pain in his head)…what does he do? Waits to see if his “eye goes back in place”, and when it does, he climbs back in bed (doesn’t even wake me up!). Even if he didn’t realize it was a stroke, the symptoms were serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER. Well…he had 4 of those episodes over about five weeks…and it finally scared him enough to go to the doctor (yeah…it took 4…FOUR…episodes to send him to the doctor….talk about stubborn).

Then came the testing. We received the results of most of the tests on our anniversary (I know right…that is a long wait from May to August…but that’s how long it took to get in to see a Neurologist). Rick has been fearing MS all these months, and I’ve been fearing strokes. Good news is he hasn’t had another “episode” since going to the doctor and being placed on blood pressure medication (and several other types). While his BP is still high…it has gone down some.

The MRI is showing signs of Small Vessel Lipohyalinosis, which can cause small cavity lesions, or scars, in the brain, and can lead to strokes. They have not entirely ruled out MS yet, as it can “mimic” other diseases, including small vessel disease. So, this week while he is on a vacation….we are “staycating” and he will undergo a few more MRIs and blood tests. He is also being ordered a sleep study…because if he has Sleep Apnea, that could cause high blood pressure, and like I said, we have to get that under control to prevent any more strokes. We are praying all these new tests come out normal. If they do not, then he will undergo a Spinal Tap and who knows what else.

I am asking all of my readers that believe in prayer….because we are firm believers in the power of prayer…My God is Mighty and He is the Great Physician….I ask that all of you please keep him in your prayers in the coming weeks. Please pray that all tests come back normal, that we can get his blood pressure under control (within normal ranges)…please pray for healing.

I WILL have at least another 50 years with the love of my life.

An older picture, but one of my favorites of us together

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