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Monthly Archives: August 2012

I will be taking the next week off from the blogging world. Why, you may ask? Well, we are moving! Different house (going from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom, finally!), different county, same state. I could never leave my beautiful East Tennessee!

The next week will be filled with packing, packing, and more packing…followed by moving, moving and more moving! We hope to be completely out of this house by Thursday….then I will have some fun filled days of unpacking, organizing and arranging the new house. Fun times! That’s sarcasm…I really hate the whole moving process…not only is it stressful, but it is also not easy on the pocketbook! From buying moving supplies (thank God we can get boxes for free) to paying deposits and fees for your utilities….the cost can quickly add up! And to think we plan on doing it at least one more time within the next few years….oh well, such is life! You do what you gotta do to get where you wanna be.

Tune back in on Monday, September 9th, for more wacky updates, posts, videos and pictures from me and My Bizarre Family!


Fifteen years ago today, I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world. He came into this world on August 28th, at 11:49am, weighing 6lbs 12 oz. He’s not been an “easy” child, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I hope he realizes how much I love him and pray for him. Happy Birthday, Christian! You mean the world to me.

Check out his new shoes! I won them in another sweepstakes! He tells me he is saving them for basketball season.

“Honey, have you seen the speakers to the computer?”, my husband asked.

“No, I’m sorry, I haven’t.”

“Well, you know what? I’m gonna forgive someone for taking them. Maybe now they will show back up!”

****The Next Day****

“Honey, I found the speakers to the computer. I knew that if I went ahead and forgave whoever took them, they would show back up.”

“So…where were they?”, I asked.

“Well, I found them in the bathroom. I noticed them in the tub when I got in the shower. Yeah, they don’t work anymore. That’s alright, that’s OK, I didn’t need those speakers anyway! I have still forgiven Christian, er….whoever took and put them in the bathtub.”

Isn’t forgiveness a wonderful thing? Our kids should thank God we love them as much as we do.


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