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Monthly Archives: June 2012

My baby girl is 11 years old today. Seems like it was just yesterday that I brought home from the hospital this sweet 7lb 7oz red-headed bundle of joy. She was such a sweet Angel…hardly ever cried and was sleeping through the night at just 9 weeks old. It wasn’t long before she was toddling around, getting into everything and talking nonstop. Now, she is turning into a beautiful young lady…. in middle school now (SOB!).

I thought I would share just a few pictures of her…from baby to present.=)

Happy Birthday, Faith! I love you so much, and I am so proud of you!


Just a few pictures from the UFC event we attended in Las Vegas a few weeks ago:

We had great seats! My husband is the fan and I am so glad he had a good time. If anyone deserved this trip and all the perks that went with it…it’s my husband. I’m so glad I was able to win this trip for him.

My step-daughter informed me a few days ago that she left me a nice surprise on my camera. I finally got around to uploading them today:

Maybe we can use these as her Senior Pictures? Her personality just shines right through, dontcha think? Sure would be cheaper than buying the professional shots we had originally planned on! 😛

My youngest daughter is pretty funny…and she doesn’t come with much of a filter (to my embarrassment at times). Here is yet another post of Funny Things My Daughter Says!

*Dad, your driving makes me choke.

*I think grandma’s leg is rotten.

*Dad, do you have $2.00? Yes? Ok, I need $12.00.

*Do gingers tan?

*I”m a natural beauty and can attract any man I want

*My blood pressure is 142. I must have been hyper today!

*Is a Synagog a cigarette?

*Mom, I like that shirt better because…it hides your chubbies

*Mom, did you know that when a girl jumps, her boobies jiggle? Do they sag when you get old?

*Allie: Faith, why are you opening all the blinds? Faith: Because my roses need solar power!

To see more funny things she has said, click HERE.

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