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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Last week, we were able to take Faith and a friend to see the AWESOME Christian group, the Newsboys, in concert. My son was working with part of the youth group at the show. Opening for them were the groups Anthem Lights, Abandon and The City Harmonic. I took about 200 pictures. I’ve uploaded 12 for your viewing pleasure!

Isn’t the stunt the drummer pulled just totally awesome?! I wanna do it! He kept spinning around in circles while playing, and he wasn’t going slow either! All the groups were amazing. Unfortunately, the kids were not able to meet the Newsboys, but Faith and friend were able to pose for pictures with Anthem lights and Abandon. Christian was “too cool” for that, evidently….but I did get him to smile for me after he was finished working the show!

And if you have a chance…check out the video for God’s Not Dead

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