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Monthly Archives: May 2012

I’ve posted before about my husband’s love of washing clothes. He washes one load after the other, and then throws the clean, dried clothes into a laundry basket…or worse…the bed or a chair, where he expects them to magically fold themselves. Right now, my room looks like someone vomited clothes all over the place. I’ve not posted the other annoying thing he does with the laundry, something even worse than cleaning, drying and leaving them to wrinkle in a pile….he refuses to pre-treat stains. He lets the stains SET in the clothes…doesn’t even BOTHER to treat them at all!

I just bought a pretty yellow shirt a week ago. I got BBQ sauce on it and laid it aside to pre-treat before it got washed. What does he do? Goes behind me, throws it, along with his dark clothes, into the wash while I was otherwise occupied. What do I find later that day when I go to wash laundry? An empty hamper and an empty washer and dryer. I go to my room and lo and behold, there sits my yellow shirt on top of the pile of freshly laundered clothes….stain set it. I was hot. I’ve told him before to check for stains or ask me if there were stains that needed treatment before he goes wash happy with the laundry. Or, heck, only wash his own dang clothes and leave the rest alone! I think he has a weird addiction to doing laundry. He should be featured on the show, My Strange Addiction. Seriously, it’s bad. He needs an intervention.

Can this shirt be saved? I guess if I were Happy Homemaker or Martha Stewart, I would know what to do. But, I’m not. Does anyone have any super secret formulas geared to get stains out of clothing after they have been set in? Or do I need to throw my new PRETTY shirt into the rag bin along with the rest of the husband-damaged clothing? Maybe I should do a Pinterest search….


Well, I did it!! I FINALLY won a “BIG” prize!! My husband and I will be heading to Las Vegas the end of May, courtesy of the Bud Light UFC Flyaway Sweepstakes! How awesome is that?! I only entered this sweepstakes, daily, because my husband is a UFC fan…I figured it would be pretty cool if I could win this for him.

I was notified a week ago that I may have won via a message left on my voice mail from Anheuser-Busch. I called them back, left a message with the confirmation number, and got a return call on Monday morning where a lady confirmed my eligibility (had to make sure I was at least 21). She told me to expect a follow up call or email to register for the event and make flight arrangements. I received the email the next day and went to a link to confirm everything from hotel to flights. I’ve also been doing my research, and it looks like we will get the VIP treatment all the way. What is included in this big win? Check it out:


  • (2) Roundtrip coach airfare tickets from a major metropolitan airport to Las Vegas, NV
  • Double occupancy room for you and your guest
  • Roundtrip transfers to/from the hotel on arrival and departure day
  • Access to the pre-fight weigh in
  • Pre-fight reception
  • (2) Tickets to UFC Fight 146 for you and a guest
  • (1) $100 debit card
  • Goody Bag

Now…that’s pretty dadgum awesome!! As for me, this will be a really great adventure full of many “firsts”; my first big sweepstakes win, my first time flying anywhere, my first trip to Vegas, etc. Have I told you how excited I am?!

If you want to try and win, you can still enter this sweepstakes! I believe it is running through November with around 35 winners chosen a month (If I’m off on that, it’s not by much). If you are interested, you can enter HERE. I’ve been entering it daily for the past month or so.

Now, I’m just wondering….what the heck do you wear to a pre-fight reception?

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