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Monthly Archives: April 2012

I FINALLY got  the hunk of junk treadmill (that never worked) out of my room! Even better; it’s totally out of my house! As my husband was getting ready to load it into the van to take it to be crushed, the weird guy across the street offered him $10.00 to take it off his hands. And he accepted. So, we are only in the hole a whopping $30!

The really really good news is…I talked my mom into letting me borrow her treadmill for a few months!! At which time, I hope to be able to buy my own. But I tell ya…it was like pulling teeth to get her to let go of it! You’d think I was asking for a lung or kidney! I’ve been begging her for months to let me borrow it because I knew she wasn’t using it. In fact, I kept saying to her, “Mom, you aren’t even using it!”

“Yes I am, I use it all the time!”

“Mom, I don’t mean to hang your clothes on! I mean actually walking on it.”

Her comeback? “Yes I do; I walk on it all the time to get to the other side.”


And sure enough…I walk into her guest room and there it was…a clothes rack. It had become another closet for her. “I don’t know what I”m gonna do with my clothes now”, she said. God love her. But I know what I’m going to do now….no, it’s not going to become a clothes rack for me, too! I’m gonna get into shape!



My oldest step-son, a Sophomore in college that lives on campus 9 months of the year, decided to drop in for dinner last week. Shortly after eating, and in the middle of a movie, the girls decided to stop the movie and provide the entertainment instead. And I was quick to grab my camera.


Notice towards the end when Allie slumped in a chair exhausted while Faith is still going strong….I’d so love to have her energy!


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