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Monthly Archives: April 2012

There’s nothing quite like being awakened after midnight by a loud banging on the front door.  I’m the only one that heard the banging, so I smacked my husband’s shoulder, shook him and said, “Wake up, someone’s banging on the door!” He’s instantly wide awake. He goes and looks out the window, but can’t see anything…still the knocking continues. Finally, I said, “Just open the door!”

“Go get my gun.”

Okie dokie.

He opens the door, gun hidden behind his back, and lo and behold if it isn’t my almost 19 year old stepson. Good grief…you’d think he’d know not to show up at the door at that hour without at least a phone call to say he’s coming. Ever since he left college almost 2 months ago (half way through his Freshman year), he’s been living with his mother again (he has lived with her primarily since the latter part of his 6th grade year). He told us he and his mom got into it so he wanted to spend the night. Sure.

Warning: Rant Ahead:

But let me tell you, the next morning, you could tell that who it was that spent the night. He left a trail of trash and clothes from the living room (WHY he got undressed in the living room and left his clothes laying there is beyond me!!) to the kitchen. That’s not something you want to find first thing in the morning, especially when you are PMSing. He is very irresponsible and won’t even clean up after himself. I guess he wants to be a toys-r-us kid forever, because he sure as heck doesn’t want to grow up…and I don’t see anyone making him either. Since he “left” college and is not working either, I think all he does is sleep, hang with his friends, play soccer and go to high school games. And it bears repeating….he won’t clean up after himself!!! I mean…hello…the bar holding the food in on the refrigerator door fell…and rather than pick it up and snap it back in place, what does he do? Leaves it on the floor!!! He is the laziest person ever, and I say that with much love. He doesn’t want to do any work unless it’s on the soccer field…and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t pay the bills (he screwed the pooch on that one).  Can you tell I am upset? Frustrated? He has the potential to be and do so much more….he just needs to grow up!

Rant over.


I will never ever ever buy another Oster microwave. Ever. Ours finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, after only having it for 2 years. It didn’t just die unexpectedly….we’ve been having problems with it almost from day one. It started with giving out all these weird, funky mechanical odors. Then, when the smell went away, it started leaving  round scorch marks underneath the glass dish (the bottom has peeled up). That was soon followed by it randomly dying mid-use; it would totally shut off. If you were lucky, you could unplug it and get it to work when you plugged it back in. You never knew when it would work. We had to leave it unplugged for the most part (my husband has a terrible fear of house fires…not that I wasn’t concerned about that too) .  Now…it’s just dead. I should have bought a new microwave a long time ago. What can I say? I can be really bad about procrastinating.  We had an Oster before this one too, and that one  lasted 2 weeks. Never again.

I need to do some research into the different brands before I buy another one. Any suggestions? Remember the big, heavy single dial microwaves of the 80s? My husband had one and used it all the time before I married him. It died a little over 2 years ago (hence our buying the Osters) and I miss it! They were built to last (ours was over 20 years old when it died). I use my microwave ALL.THE.TIME. I need one that will last.



And let me just say….I don’t know how anyone in the old days (ya know…50 plus years ago) survived without a microwave. It’s only been a few days and I’m going crazy! I may very well die if I don’t get another one soon!! And to make matters worse? I’m having problems with my stove now! I hope I win one one of the cash sweepstakes I’m in…or maybe I’ll find a sweepstake for a stove. That would be nice.


We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, haven’t we? What parent and child hasn’t? It’s especially difficult at times when you are step-parent and step-child. You may not have grown in my belly, Allie, but you have most definitely grown in my heart. I’m very thankful for your dad…not only because he is a wonderful husband and father, but because he brought 4 very special people into my life; you and your siblings.

I still remember the first day I met you. You were 4 years old and your dad had you and your brothers with him when he picked me up to go to the movies. I forget what we saw, but you seemed to attach yourself very fast to me…you made sure your brothers knew that you were sitting next to me and they weren’t.  And it grew from there. I remember you climbing up into my lap all the time so you could play with my hair and I yours, or so I could paint your nails…you always loved it when I painted your nails and did your hair. You probably won’t remember since you were barely 5 years old, but on the night your dad and I married, I remember you crawling into bed between us and whispering to me, “I’m glad daddy married you, April, because I love you.”  I love you, Allie, and I always will. You will always be my girly girl, no matter how old you get! Happy 17th Birthday!! I’m so proud of you!


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