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Monthly Archives: March 2012


My daughter is almost 11 years old and constantly has us laughing at the things she says and does. She literally has no filter…which can be VERY embarrassing at times also. The following are some new additions to the popular “Funny Things My Daughter Says”.


  • “you’re a big bowl of weirdness”
  • “Have you ever had a friend that made you laugh your botox off?”
  • “Dad, you are so amish!”
  • “Dad, you drive me up the wall.”
  • “They don’t like me because they’re a bunch of butt crackers and hater-aides”
  • “Allie, you’re like a zit on my face that won’t go away.”
  • “When are we gonna go stare at grandma?”
  • “What kind of mountains are those? Smoky?”
  • A nurse asked her if she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. She said, “No, that’s too much work. I’m going to be a lazy singer when I grow up”
  • Nurse: “So, are you going to be on the X Factor or American Idol to be discovered?”. Faith: “No, I am gonna have Rihanna find me. Or maybe Jack Black.”

She came up with the last five yesterday when we took her to see her grandmother in the hospital (nothing too serious…she broke her hip, bless her heart).  The nurse wanted to show her how to put an IV in and Faith ran behind me telling her to “keep that needle away from me!”. As the nurse was explaining how to do it, Faith just looked at her like she was crazy. She had all of us laughing at her.

You can read more funny quotes from my daughter on the following pages:




  1. You can not make their decisions for them, and you are not responsible for the choices they do make.
  2. They WILL make mistakes and disappoint you.
  3. Don’t try to control them; it will cause a lot of bitterness, rebellion and anger.
  4. Let go, and let God.

I’m sure over the years I will be adding many more to this list. My husband is learning the first two and the last one when it comes to the older kids (he has no problem with the control part, but we’ve noticed others having that problem with their adult kids, so I thought I’d throw that in there). It can be so hard letting go.

What lessons have you learned when dealing with your adult children? Or, what do you wish your parents had/would learn?



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