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Monthly Archives: February 2012


I’ve been belly-aching for a while now about wanting a treadmill. Months, I tell you! There wasn’t a night in the past 35-40 days that I didn’t mention to my husband how BADLY I wanted one. I probably said it 5-10 times a day. Finally, he got fed up and told me he was going to buy me one just to shut me up.

This is what I get the next day:


This WAS the top of the treadmill where the controls are located


Treadmill folded up, wires showing

The bottom front where the motor is located

He bought it from some old geezer on Craigslist for $40 (geezer lived in a bad part of town too).

“Honey, the incline still works on it, so I think I can get it to work easily. A wire is probably loose in the motor”, he says.

Yeah, right. That was 2 weeks ago. He did tinker around with it a few times. Even managed to electrocute himself  once twice and almost set our bedroom on fire. Now it just sits there in our bedroom, taking up space I could be using for a treadmill that DOES work. Every once in a while, you will see him standing there looking at it and fiddling with it. Oh and, good news! Now a treadmill is no longer in our budget at the moment because we need another vehicle! *sigh* He’ll not hear the end of this any time soon.

“$40.00 seemed like a good deal at the time”, he says.

If that’s not bad enough,  Cycle 2 has sucked eggs so far! I’ve only lost 2 pounds on this cycle. I blame it on Rick. This is my cheat weekend and boy…am I cheating!! I get to start Cycle 3 on Monday. More about that later…

I need to win the lottery…

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During the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that whenever my son gets grounded from his “precious” video games, he does this full body flop. I try to… ya know…be mad…when he does it, but I’m just too busy laughing most of the time. I was able to catch a little bit of it on tape for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s two clips I condensed into one.


Anyone else get this kind of reaction from your kids?



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This past week has been kind of frustrating! I moved my blog from blogger to Host Gator (using WordPress), and let me tell you, I feel like my brain needs a vacation. I’ve learned new things, and some of the things I thought I knew I found I didn’t really know at all. I started the transfer on Wednesday and I finally got the site “live” early this morning. I’m still not very satisfied with the design, but it will do for now! My brain needs a break from all that website design and hosting mumbo jumbo (yeah I’ve also been trying to teach myself how to make my own template and headers, but right now, Photoshop confuses me and GIMP doesn’t seem to like me either…fudge buckets). I’ve wanted to take a hammer to the keyboard many times, so I will be pretty darn happy to be getting back to my regular blogging after today (after I figure out how to change the text size for all posts…you’d think there would be a button right in front of your face for that…like next to the bold button. Jeez). I would love for all my loyal readers to let me know what you think so far.


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I was finally able to get the videos uploaded to youtube. I had several small videos, so I just edited them together as one video. It starts from Saturday evening during our monthly get-together with our friends. Our friends are almost as weird as we are. These same friends vacation with us every year…we’ve dubbed our vacations “Griswald Vacations” because that is what they turn out to be ALL the time! We have a blast!

Anyhow, Crystal seems to be just fascinated with the health baby..er…excuse me…Summer. The end of the video is late Saturday night when the baby is very fussy. So fussy that my son bribed his sisters into caring for the baby (oh I HOPE they *ALL* remember the hard work that goes with having a baby in the coming years!). Check it out.

Towards the end of the first clip, Christian is telling a story, but I’m not sure if you guys can hear it (his voice is so low). While Rick was in the grocery store Saturday afternoon, Christian had to sit out in the car because the baby was crying (well, he didn’t have to…he chose to). While feeding the baby, Christian hears a tap at the window. He looks up to see a man standing there with a REAL baby…the man holds his baby up to the window and grins real big. Christian gives him a thumbs up. I’m still wondering if the guy knew it was a plastic baby….

I’m not sure what his grade on this project is yet. He came home from school yesterday and told us that the baby had shaken baby syndrome and alot of rough handling and missed feedings. I looked him right in the eye and said, “Congratulations, you just killed your baby”. I got the usual eye roll. It’s just further proof that teenagers are not ready to be parents.


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