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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Last night was our bi-weekly shopping expedition and I almost always drag my husband and daughter out with me (they keep me entertained!). First, we went to a steak house. You know…because I will be starting my diet on Monday, which means that I am going to spend the next few days eating GOOD (fattening) food. I’ll be making my favorite foods the next few days because the first 17 days of this diet…I cut out almost all sugar, all pasta, all red meat, etc. So…yeah I’m going to enjoy the next few days.

During dinner, I informed my husband of all the stores I will have to go to the following day. It was not a short list (sorry, I still have items from Christmas I have to return). After I recited the list of stores and errands I had to run the next day, he looked at me…looked at his fork….looked back at me…and said, “It ain’t nothing for me to stab you with this fork”. Awww, sweetie…I love you too!

After dinner, we went Krogering (anyone remember that commercial from, like, the 80s? “Let’s go Krogering!). Anyway, I was almost done when my daughter started doing some kind of weird shuffling, James Brownish kind of dance…and my husband joined her. He stopped dancing when he saw me grab my phone (he’s getting smarter), but…check out the video (if you pay attention, you can see people coming up behind her towards the end). She is just funny!

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My daughter, that is. After much thought on my end and begging on my daughter’s….I’ve decided to submit my daughter to a local talent agency. She says she wants to model and act. Well. I guess we’ll give it a go and see what happens! I have to admit….I’m kinda nervous about it. She is beyond excited.

So, I’ve been researching and the first thing we have to do is get professional head shots and put her in acting classes. Easier said than done. I am in the process of getting price quotes for the head shots…so far I’ve gotten $150 flat fee from one photographer and another wants $175 per hour (and he says it will take 3-4 hours to get it done). Um wow? I didn’t think it would be cheap but I didn’t think it would be near $700 on 3 poses. Another quote I got was $500 flat. And they all seem to be really good photographers. Can you guess which one I’m going to go with?

So far, the acting classes have been harder to find. But I did find some. Not sure how much that is going to cost yet, but going by past classes this person held, we are looking at around $150-$200 for 6 weeks worth of classes (give or take). That makes sense. She will also be taking swim lessons, which are not really that expensive.

Wish us luck on our new adventure! And if anyone has any experience…tips would be great. I’m not one of those horrid stage moms (and never will be…there are just some things we will not do, some lines that will NOT be crossed). I’m not even sure if she is “acting” material. I mean, she entertains us all the time, but acting in front of strangers and/or a camera…is alot different. As I said…we’ll give it a go.

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Well, I can’t believe another year has flown by and it’s time for me to make yet another New Years resolution! Two years ago today, my husband and I smoked our last cigarette and resolved to never smoke again. And it’s a resolution we have kept! The down fall of it all, is that we both gained some weight. Well…I gained almost 60lbs in less than three months (that is VERY rapid weight gain!). We both quit smoking cold turkey with no help from anyone or anything. But instead of picking up the carrot sticks to munch on, I was picking up the Nutty Bars my husband kept bringing home. Yeah, it was bad.

The summer of 2010, I gained an extra 20 lbs. I exercised off and on, and by this time I wasn’t sticking junk food in my mouth every time I had a nicotine craving…simply because I very rarely had a nicotine craving anymore (I credit God with delivering me from my addiction to cigarettes, because from what I’ve heard from others….even my husband….they still crave cigarettes…I don’t). I’ve been eating the wrong things at the wrong time of day (I’m a late night eater). For the next year, I didn’t gain another pound.

Last summer I started a new diet that I read great things of; the 17 Day Diet. And it was working until I stopped doing it. First let me say that it is HARD to cut out all the sugar and stuff…but I did it. I lost 15 pounds the first month on it (and it may have been more than that if I was doing it by the book correctly), but I stopped following the diet when I had a few health problems crop up. When I’m stressed, I tend to eat junk. I really regret having stopped the diet, because just think of the weight I could have lost since then! Instead? I gained about 15 more pounds between August and Christmas.

So, what is my new New Years resolution? It’s to get back on the 17 Day Diet and lose 100 pounds and to exercise regularly to help with it. I am a member of the YMCA and I plan on buying a tread mill later this month. If I can quit smoking cold turkey, I can do this too. I have to. It’s no longer a choice, but something I have to do to not only look better, but feel better. I’ve been worrying about my health with all this extra weight I’m carrying around (swollen legs, ankles and feet on a regular basis can’t be good). So, that’s my plan.

For any of you wanting to start or are already on the 17 Day Diet, I found a website full of yummy recipes!! I tell you, the first time I did this diet, I didn’t find the recipe website until I was going into my second cycle. It really made things alot easier once I found the following website:


I plan on kick starting the diet on January 8th. That gives me time to get the junk out of my house and to restock with the food I need (have to wait until payday and yes, my family will be eating healthier too!).

Do you have a New Years resolution? Have you ever been successful in keeping a New Years resolution? If so, I’d love to hear your stories!! It will inspire me!

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