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Monthly Archives: January 2012

This is another post of the funny things my daughter has said (yes, I now keep a log to record all of this). I should have started this YEARS ago!

  • “I think my hand is gonna come off because I keep wiggling it.”
  • “Mom, your eyelashes are really long. Do you ever smack yourself with them?”
  • “That Jacob boy on Twilight is hawt. Hawt; not hot”
    • While at Wal-Mart with her dad, she talks him into buying her a pretzel then tells him, “I’ll share this with you, but it’s not so we can bond. I don’t want to bond”.
    • “I am going to retire from singing when I am 30. I don’t want to be a grey haired singer.” 
    • “I was gonna slap you silly, but there’s too much stupid in the way”. 
    • “When people get old, Dad, do they die? I mean, grandma made it through.”
    • “Allie, do you get chicken pox when a chicken bites you?”
    • “Dad, you embarrass me because you suck at math.”
    • “In the mornings, I have 5 minutes to get ready, 10 minutes to brush my hair, and 20 minutes to wait for the bus”. Allie replied, “Faith, why don’t you just put all 35 minutes together or 30 minutes to get ready and 5 to wait for the bus?”. Faith – “No, that won’t work.”
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    I was so surprised that I received the Versatile blogger award!

    Thanks to Katie from Saving and Sharing It. I am very appreciative to Katie for this award. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, you should check it out!

    The rules for this award are:

    1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them. (Thanks again, Katie!)

    2. Tell 7 things about yourself. (see below)

    3. Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they’ve received an award.

    Seven things about My Bizarre Family:

    1. My Bizarre Family was started because I needed more room than Facebook offered to talk about my family and share the crazy ridiculous things they do. It was originally my oldest brother’s idea to start a blog.

    2.  I have an addiction to chap stick.

    3. I am a PK (for those that do not know what a PK is…it’s a Preacher’s Kid)

    4.  One of these days, I would like to get into photography.

    5.  I grew up on stage. My family had a Gospel group and we traveled alot singing.

    6.  I am also very interested in my family genealogy. I’ve been doing that in my spare time for the past several years. Did you know I am related to President Andrew Johnson, JFK, and Robert the Bruce? My husband is related to a bunch of outlaws (I’m serious). Figures.

    7.  I have a strong aversion to folding clothes and doing dishes (by hand..and what’s funny about that is I’m OCD about how the dishes are washed too). I’d rather scrub the toilet, as gross as that is. I have a laundry basket full of clean clothes that I must fold today. It’s going to put me in a bad mood.

    15 Blogs that  I love and awarded the Versatile blog award to are…
    (These are in no order)

    I encourage you to visit each one of these blogs and congratulate them on being awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Thank you again Katie from Saving and Sharing It!

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    New TV

    I just have to say it: I’m so happy that I won’t have to listen to any more whining about how much our tv sucks. Our old tv was bought about 3-4 years ago and about a year after we bought it, Rick decided to lay speakers against it for days on end. Ever since then, the color was messed up. If you watched movies that had dark scenes, you wouldn’t be able to see it. So…I am very very happy we got this tv. In more ways than one! Rick was all kinds of excited…like a little kid!

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    The diet I’m on goes in cycles. There are 17 days in one cycle, and there are four cycles to the diet. I am in the first cycle and on day 7. So far, I have lost a total of 9 pounds. Some of you may think that losing that much weight in one week is too fast. An excerpt from the book, “The 17 Day Diet” says:

    “Cycle 1 is called Accelerate because its purpose is to trigger rapid weight loss in a healthy manner by mobilizing fat stores and flushing water and toxins from your system”

    In cycle 1, you can eat unlimited amounts of protein in the form of poultry, fish and eggs, and many veggies. You are cutting out breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, chocolate and sugar. And if you reach your goal weight after the first 17 days, then you can go right on to cycle 4; maintenance. However, if you are at the end of cycle 3 and you still haven’t reached your goal weight, you skip cycle 4 and start over with cycle 1 again. It’s a process. It really depends on how much weight you have to lose. As for me, I need to lose about 100 pounds to reach my goal weight, but I will be happy with losing 80.

    We must also not forget to exercise! Dr. Moreno, who developed the diet, wants us to exercise for 17 minutes every day during cycle 2 and slowly increase the time as we move along in the diet.  I have to be honest, I haven’t done much on the exercise part except cleaning the house. I am buying a treadmill next week (love Craigslist!), and I fully plan on using it every day for at least 30 minutes a day to start out (maybe longer if I can handle it).

    I almost forgot to mention how much my family is driving me crazy. Rick brought home some honey buns the other day and bought Faith a can of Pringles, then proceeded to eat them right in front of me. Bunch of meanies!! The force within me is strong, however, and I’ve been able to ignore them and stick to the diet. I’m very proud to say that I have not cheated at all! Go me! =)

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