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Monthly Archives: November 2011

It’s probably the biggest dance/exercise craze in American right now, Zumba. Everyone is doing it, and if they are not doing it, they WANT to do it. Myself included. I used to dance ALOT when I was younger..and I was pretty good if I do say so myself. I figured it’d be a breeze and oh so fun.

Yeah…I guess I forgot about the 70lbs I gained when I stopped smoking 2 years ago (55 of it within the first 3 months…yes, THAT rapid). Turns out, my body can’t move that fast anymore. Not with this extra weight I’m carrying around! I was constantly miss-stepping, mostly because I was having a hard time keeping up. And about half the time, my Aunt was messing me up too because she was making me laugh so hard.

If you think my husband is crazy, you ain’t seen nothing. My Aunt Kim gives the word crazy a whole new meaning! She was just doing some random steps…she didn’t care that she was pretty much in the same position as me and couldn’t move fast enough…she was just moving moving moving and it didn’t matter how she was moving. Most of the time she had this crazy look on her face…tongue stuck out, eyes rolling back in her head…making weird noises. So…YOU try to keep dancing the correct steps when you are busting a gut laughing at that image. It’s pretty hard.

We spent about an hour dancing and let me tell you…my legs are burning, my hips are burning, my neck is burning, my throat, my LUNGS. Everything is burning. I’m just one big BURN. Which is good, right? YES! And I found out that I can no longer hop properly. I just do this kind of half leg lift. REALLY sad!

I can’t wait until next week. I’m gonna lose weight and get in shape! It may take awhile, but I’ll get there. My Aunt and I will also be adding in some walking and working out during the week when we are not Zumba-ing. Maybe I’ll catch some pictures…or video…of her in a fit of craziness.

No, it’s not what you think…I’m not gifting my teenager to anyone…unless YOU want him? Because, seriously, if you do, I just might let you have him.

Seriously, don’t get my hopes up.

Eh, you’d bring him back.

Ok, anyway, why is it soooooooo hard to buy gifts for teenagers that don’t cost an arm and a leg? I tell him to make me out a Christmas list…and what does he do? Lists 5 items that cost more than my entire wardrobe. Cellphone, PS3 game (like he needs another of those), CDs, Ipods, etc. Doesn’t the boy know by now that I’m not made of money? I miss the days when he would be happy with a few hot wheels cars and a soccer ball.

And what does he do after handing me that list? Starts whining about wanting to play the PS3 (he’s grounded), starts mouthing off and screaming and saying how much he hates his family. Wow, and you want WHAT for Christmas? Oh heck no. He’ll be lucky if he gets anything more than socks and underwear!

What is wrong with kids these days? It’s the “gimme gimme gimme, ME ME ME” generation. Entitlement much? I’m thinking it would be good for him to volunteer his time at the homeless shelter, just to show him how very blessed he is. Maybe he will be more thankful for what he does have.

Are you sure you don’t want him?

I am exhausted! I’ve not been able to blog the past few days because of the craziness surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I’m thankful we were able to get together with my family to share a wonderful meal, prepared by yours truly and my mom. The only thing missing was my baby brother, Alex, whom couldn’t get leave to come home for Thanksgiving. We were, however, able to Skype with him after dinner! Below, you will find a few videos of the kind of conversations my brothers have with each other…even when they are not together!

Yes, this is my family. No wonder I’m a little….crazy.

A few hours after our Thanksgiving meal, my husband had to leave for a long night at work (he is a manager at a retail store), and I left for the Black Friday fiasco shopping trips that have become a kind of “tradition” with me. Last year, I went by myself. This year, I am thankful I had a friend to go with! We started out at Target at 11pm, where I was lucky enough to nab the $99 Nikon (they had 4 left!! And the lady right behind me nabbed the other 3…I’m so glad I was in front of her, or we’d have had problems lol) and ended the madness at Walmart at 8am (and it’s a good thing I didn’t need much from there since most sale items were GONE). Now the REALLY fun part: I’m doing the rest of my shopping from home in my pajamas!

According to my daughter, that is. Check out her recent Facebook status:

No, they were real dishes. I made her hand wash (we don’t have a dishwasher…I know, it’s almost unheard of right?!) the dishes. I don’t care how many bamboo trees fall, she’s still doing the dishes! Right after I give her a spelling test….

It’s fun being a mean mommy! =)

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