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Monthly Archives: September 2011

I made the mistake of taking my husband shopping with me again. This time my mom was with me. While mom and I were helping my daughter, Faith, pick out a hair feather, my silly husband was trying on his own hair pieces:

I had to snap this and of course I posted it on Facebook and tagged him in it (haha…the people he works with can see it, thanks to FB always messing things up). Doesn’t the hair make his chest look larger? LOL

This morning while I was waiting with Faith, my 10 yr old, for her bus to get here, she was just being her usual rambling self…talking about whatever entered her head. I was actually beginning to do my usual tune-her-out thing, when I caught what she was saying:

“Whenever dad helps me with my math homework, he always blows his nose. And whenever he blows his nose, he forgets what he is thinking and has to start the problem all over again. I think he blows his brain cells out whenever he blows his nose.”

I’m not sure why she was thinking of that at 6:45am (while she plopped her butt on the couch while I stood at the door to watch for her bus for her, rather than with her), but that was some funny stuff! She is always cracking on her dad…

She can be pretty sweet too; a few days ago she told us that she loved God, Mom and Dad more than she loved cookies =)

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