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Autoimmune Paleo -Day 1 of Treating my RA naturally

I wrote a post a few months ago about My Decision To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally With the Paleo Diet. Things went great for the first month or so; I saw a decrease in pain and inflammation and the swelling in my feet and hands went away…then I started cheating. And once my husband was out of work on medical leave for over six weeks, I just stopped doing it completely. Mostly because of financial reasons (he was only getting half of his pay at the time on short term disability) and partially because of the holiday season and my weakness.

During the past few months, my RA has gotten worse. I seem to be in a continual flare that never goes away. Every day, I have pain that lasts all day (though it does ease up a little by the afternoon). My jaw has also become affected and I think my neck has as well (hard to tell with that since I also have a herniated disc there). I was praying it would never go into my jaw. I’ve read the stories. So far, it’s only my left side and it’s not “bad” yet.

My husband has returned to work and I have made some lifestyle changes for the better (basically going to bed at night whereas before I would stay up until 3 or 4am). And today is day one of restarting the Autoimmune Paleo diet (AIP). I’m hoping that I am much more successful at staying on it. I started tapering off the prednisone I have been on since last summer. I should be off it entirely within a month.

Meanwhile I am also going to look for another Rheumatologist. The one I have does not have a good bedside manner and I need a doctor I feel at ease with.  I’ve went and bought all the foods I need and I even find myself unfollowing recipe boards on Pinterest unless they are AIP or regular Paleo. I don’t want to see the yummy, but bad for me food I usually eat. I’m really going to miss potatoes. I’m just saying. That is the worst.

I’m not sure if this diet will work for me, but I am going to give it my all, unlike last year. And I have hope.

It’s no secret I live in the boondocks. We have some really weird colorful neighbors. But this is a first:

Death of a snowman


I think he’s pretty mad at the snow. He is killing the snowman with a sword. A SWORD, people! And that’s like the 3rd or 4th one! Yeah. And I thought I hated the snow!

We are supposed to get something Wednesday and Thursday. Not sure if it’s going to be ice or snow or a mixture of both (more likely), but I, for one, am sick of winter! And to think my kids Spring Break starts at the end of next week.

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In two days, my kids will have been out of school for two weeks….stupid snow!! Whenever we think we will have a thaw, it ices and snows again. This is a big deal in the south.

Stop Snowing


Someone really made Him mad this time!!


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Not too long ago, my husband and I were having a conversation about the need for new glasses and wanting to order some online after discovering just how much you could save when doing so. Imagine my reaction when Firmoo, a global optical online store, contacted me just a few days later wanting me to try and review their glasses. Of course I jumped at the chance!

I will first start out by saying I am thankful we now have insurance that covers vision, including glasses or contacts once a year. Only one though. So, if something happens to my glasses before the year is up then I will have to spend out of my pocket to replace them. If you’ve ever been into a retail store that sales prescription lenses, then you know how expensive it can be. Ordering online brings a LOT of savings!

Firmoo Review & Giveaway

Firmoo has both prescription and non-prescription (fashion) glasses and sunglasses. I needed another pair of prescription lenses, so that is what I chose.  They have a really nifty virtual try-on, where you can either upload a recent picture of yourself or use your webcam and then you can virtually “try on” the glasses you are interested in. Since I wanted prescription lenses rather than just the fashion frames, I also had to have my prescription handy to enter into the forms. Firmoo offers you step by step instructions on how to choose your frames and lenses and the check out was super easy as well. You are also able to choose add-ons, such as anti-radiation and UV coatings. They seem to have all the latest fashions in frames, with hundreds to chose from. I also got a case, sleeve and repair kit included with my glasses, which I LOVE!

I’ve been wearing my new glasses for nearly two weeks now and the only complaint I have, and it’s a small one, is that my glasses slip down my nose just a tad when I look down. It’s not bad though. The prescription is correct and I love the way the frames look on me! Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the glasses over the past two weeks:

My Bizarre Family

My Bizarre Family

My Bizarre Family

Their First Pair Free program is now open as well. For first time customers, you can get one new pair of glasses for free per person on select frames. You just have to pay for lenses and shipping.

Firmoo is offering to giveaway a voucher code for $15.00 towards their Classic Series frames to 5 lucky readers! Enter below by February 27, 2015 to win! Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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